Figures …

Of course .. I planned everything out a month ago. Everything was on schedule. Yes, the crate looked a little small, but the website said it would accomadate a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. Sean stayed up packing though the night. I got up this morning to get the last bit of supplies, including blankets and padlocks. Then I got home from running errands for 2 hours (continued later). We started wrapping up the couches, bed, the last big items. Sean went to pick up some help. Then we started loading. Got the couches in and Sean realized we had a big problem. The crate wasn’t going to fit everything. After putting the 2 couches in (on their end, mind you) There was hardly any space left! I had them turn one of the couches upside down, and played tetris with my furniture for a little bit and managed to get the bed in there .. but .. we still had a coffee table, 6 chairs and about 20 boxes that had to somehow fit in. So after wandering around the parking lot like a lost puppy for a little while. We decided to call around and see what we could do.

I searched google for the company that moved my stuff out here and a ton of nightmare stories came up. We had issues, but overall everything made it here okay. I called them, but they were on the east coast and already closed for the day. Eventually I found a place in CA who seemed to have a good rep, member of the BBB and could be here tomorrow, and would be a full service move that costs $300 less then the freaking crate company. So they’re coming at 9am the crate co is coming to pick up the crate at 3pm (paying $150 for cancellation) .. and we should be okay. Wish us luck!

So I spent 45 min today at Best Buy trying to track down a install kit for my car. We had thought we special ordered it last week .. but apparently, we didnt. So eventually they found the part at another store’s warehouse. So I went over there, paid for it and have to pick it up tomorrow to get it installed back at Best Buy around noon. So movers at 9am, stereo at 12, crate pickup at 3 .. at some point the appliance rental place is picking up the W/D & fridge .. then cleaning. Looks like we’re still on schedule to leave Thursday. Phew!

I’ve got pictures of the crate and our ‘stuff’ .. gotta add a photo album to this site.

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