Day 4 done :)

I’ve been very surprised at how easy this has been for me. I thought coming home after 6, sometimes as late as 7 was going to be tough to cook .. or at least that has been my excuse for the last 2 months .. but I’ve had no problem throwing together meals just after I get in the door.

I didn’t really plan to do this .. so when I was asking the bakery lady to split a bag of hamburger buns so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat them and she reminded me that next week was 4th of July, I realized I have a few days next week where I will have to allow myself some treats. Sunday is The Hot Dog Fest, Wednesday is the 4th of July and Saturday will be Ella’s birthday. It’ll be interesting to see what I can resist, what I’ll end up giving into and how I’ll feel afterwards. Of course I’m planning on going right back to wheat free afterwards.

Today was good, my energy is coming back, even though I woke up at 3am with a headache bad enough to get up and take something for it. That was the only headache today.

Breakfast: Zucchini pancakes – 1 med zucchini shredded and drained, 1 green onion finely chopped, 1 egg, salt & pepper. Fry in 3 piles in a little olive oil. Pretty good, I was happy and it lasted a long time.

Snack: Morning snack was a packet of freeze dried strawberries and banana that I picked up months ago, afternoon I had fresh strawberries and a couple pieces of celery + hummus.

Lunch: had a shorter break today .. so I whipped together an omelet with mushrooms and onions .. for some reason its easier to eat eggs in the afternoon then in the morning.

Dinner: burgers with some pepper jack cheese and mushrooms and spinach.

Btw .. this morning I was down 2.5 lbs since Monday .. I really wasn’t doing this for weight loss (though I do want to lose weight) I’m doing this to see if it helps my arthritis, and other ailments that this book claims wheat can cause.

Turning a corner?

Woke up with a headache .. and actually slept in an extra half hour today. When will these withdrawal effects end? I also had a few cravings to just eat a piece of bread to fill me up .. I’d really like that to go away too. But I’m actually still going strong! Had my first real challenge today by having to make a trip to Char Hut to treat Ella. I had a chicken breast on a plain salad .. and successfully avoided her fries, and later Sean’s onion rings .. didn’t even try one! But I was really hungry today .. I went home after that chicken salad and ate a small caprese salad.

Breakfast: straight up asparagus and mushrooms .. I get sick of eggs easily, and I loooove asparagus and I didn’t think my bunch would last much longer .. so I ended up with this (sautéed with a little soy sauce at the end). I was happy, but it didn’t see to last as long as my egg breakfasts on monday or tuesday .. I was starving by 10am .. guess that means I need more protein in breakfast, just need some alternatives to eggs :)

Lunch: Grilled chicken on a plain salad from char hut .. this was really really plain. I only ate half the salad before I got really tired of eating iceberg lettuce. Next time I’m thinking that the breast with some cheese and no bun would be better .. just wish they had better sides or salad.

Snack – Caprese salad .. I love Caprese salad sooo much .. this was so good.

Dinner was leftovers. Wanted to make sure we’re not wasting food. I’m looking forward to breakfast tomorrow with a new recipe :)

Have an interesting breakfast planned for tomorrow