Packing Sucks.

Well we packed for about 5 hours yesterday, yet, it doesn’t seem like we’re that ready to go. I did empty all my clothes out of the closet and Sean got most of the kitchen. But our stereo equipment is still out, most of the office is unpacked, and there’s little stuff floating all over. The crate is supposed to show up today, but we don’t even have a padlock for it. I think I’m going to have to swing by a self storage place and pick up mattress protectors and a couple more blankets. We should be able to get all the packing done today to be able to load it up tomorrow. Wednesday is cleaning day, Thursday we’re outta here.

The only plans we’ve made so far is to spend Thursday night in Santa Monica, I think. Then we have to decide if we want to drive through the Mojave Desert or head straight to Phoenix.

Counting down the days …

Well its getting closer. Today I’m doing laundry, getting all the camping stuff in one place, boxing up books and dvds and sticking my extra clothes in bags. I’ve never been much of an early packer. I guess I feel guilty that most of the stuff in this apartment is mine, not Sean’s, so I feel like I have alot of work to do.

Looks like we’re going to head down to San Diego with Sean’s friend Drew Saturday so he can buy a car. Hopefully we’re going to go visit Tijuana while down there. At least I can try some real agave tequila, maybe pick up a poncho or sombrero :)

Camping Supplies .. check!

So I drag Sean out to pick up the camping supplies for our trip, I had a list with like 5 things on it, just the essentials:

  • Sleeping Bags
  • Cooler
  • Propane Stove
  • Lights
  • Mess Kits and Utensils

Of course Sean immediately regressed to being an 8 year old boy … and we ended up with a few extra items .. including an 18 inch machete, a fancy pocket knife, and a fishing pole .. oh, this trip is going to be great :)